Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Love Hate Relationship with Watching Tiny House Videos on YouTube

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Sure it looks perfect, but you'd totally freeze to death in this house out here. I did -20 F last winter bitches!
Okay, I love watching tiny house videos on YouTube especially Living Big in a Tiny House... maybe part of that is the cute host with the awesome accent...

but anyway there's something about watching these videos that kind of pisses me off. I think a big part of it is so many of the people that live in tiny homes are young married couples that seem so damn happy. It fills me with the same sad/happy lonely longing that comes from watching romantic comedies. Yes, it's a sad addiction... watching tiny house videos and romantic comedies on a Friday night while eating chocolate.

The other reason these videos get to me is the fact most of these homes look so amazingly nice--almost perfect... and mine well, my house is made of like 75 to 80% scrap wood and I threw it together in a hurry because I was homeless. I'm always working on remodeling mine--really I've been building it as I've lived in it, so my place is always disorganized with tools and crap everywhere.

Here's an example of one of my favorite perfect looking tiny homes:

I really shouldn't feel that bad though. Most people spend at least $35,000 building one of these houses. I've spent about $4500 on everything including appliances and my photovoltaic system (that price also includes maintenance costs over the last 3 years). Including the land I bought I've spent less that $10,000 on a completely functional home and 10 acres of land that will easily be worth way more than I payed for it when I get old and crusty.

Anyway, at least I can build a cool climbing wall.... I'm about 3/4 finished with mine.

Ant Mating Season, Giant Dragonflies and Wildfires

The ant orgy begins (it got like 10,000 times worse than this, but I was inside by then shaking ants out of my hair).

I've learnt a lot about ants since I've moved out here. There are millions of ants that live here and every August after it rains the ants go into a mating frenzy. Only the winged ants are capable of mating. They fly to the highest object in the area (i.e. my roof) and in a giant ant orgy go at it until the males drop dead. The females then fly off to a new location, eat their own wings then crown themselves queen and start a new colony.  Ant mating pheromones are extremely strong--they have a sweet musky honey like smell.

Anyway, as the ants go at it the lizards wait on the ground to swallow up the ones that rain down off my room (seriously you can hear them pouring off and hitting the ground--no joke there are that many of them).

The other day I saw something new that I didn't see last year: giant dragonflies catching the ants mid air and devouring them. The above video doesn't really do it justice, but the dragon flies were like the size of small finches.

People often mistake ants reproductive habits as an infestation, but they are completely harmless to people and the structure they mate on. These winged ants--like many men are only interested in one thing.

In other news there have been a lot of wildfires around here lately. The one last night was only about 15 miles away and almost consumed some of my friends homes. This is what it looked like from my land. I've never lived so close to a wildfire before. It was scary but kind of an awesome sight to see the fire in the distance and lightning flashing around it. Fortunately the fire is now under control and mostly out.