Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Remembering Good Times Last Summer with the Kiddos

Whenever I go home to my property so many things remind me of my children and the fun times we had together last summer. I eagerly look forward to being with them again next summer.

Building rockets in my classroom.
Launching rockets on our land.

A jumping spider that hitched a ride from Idaho and had babies in our motor home. They are harmless and very good at catching flies.

One of the many camp fires we built in the fire pit we made. We roasted hot dogs and hamburgers and made smores a lot.

My kids helping me stake out the corners of our property with a GPS.

One of the many cool cacti.

This lizard let me pet it shortly after taking this picture.

The airport.

The Great Salt Lake

A zorse is a zorse of course of course.

A huge fly eating??? a small fly.

Building Home Depot birdhouse kits.

The whale rock is eating us!


At the beach in the middle of the desert.

Jesus taught them well.

My kids were so excited to discover we had a beach in the middle of the desert!

We be ghosts.

Toad hunting.

Right before we left the east coast.

Camping near Big Lake.

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