Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paper Briquette Press

Bits and Pieces - Newspaper Briquet Maker-Heavy Duty Steel Press Paper Log Maker - Brick Press measures 10-1/4" long x 5-1/4"
I was very unsatisfied with the paper brick presses you can buy on Amazon for a few reasons:
  1. They make bricks that don't fit the dimensions of my tiny stove very well.
  2. They make bricks that require a lot of heat to burn them to the inside.
  3. I have to buy one if I want one.
So, I decided to design my own using a few resources as possible, and this is the first prototype. 

Put the paper pulp in.

After watching the video below I realized it would drain the water much better if I drilled holes all over the end of the center pipe and it definitely does.

Flip it upside down over a bucket and pull up on the pipe.

Here is the end product.
I'm going to build a new design with a lever when I get the time similar to this one I found on at the end of this video:

Update: Jan 15th

I haven't had the time to build a big press yet, but I improved my over the bucket design by adding a lever. It works great now, and it's easy to reuse the water.

I added charcoal left over from my fire and shredded cardboard. I also added salt and bleach to the mixture to prevent it from growing bacteria and smelling. The quality is much better now and they burn longer and better.

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