Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Modifying the Shower Recycling Pump

So the container I used for my shower recirculator wasn't very substantial and the rocks I put inside were getting nasty. I decided to abandon the filter and just design it so it was easier to clean and empty all the water out after each use. 
I modified my old bilge pump to suck the water out directly from the bottom instead of  the sides using a piece of vinyl and a hose clamp. This way I can empty the container all the way.

 I decided to use a 2 gallon bucket so I could fit all the hoses and wires inside an make it so I can wrap the bucket with insulation.

Drain valve.

I made an overflow hole and used a strainer hose washer to keep the bugs out.

This is the bucket when in place under the shower drain pipe.

To sanitize the shower system I just run some warm bleach water through it for a while, or peroxide.

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