Saturday, June 20, 2015

So, I live in a motorhome with a pitched roof

For the past month I've been living in an old 1977 motorhome. I'll spend my first post explaining how this happened:

I had a traumatic childhood; I was brainwashed by religious nuts; I got a degree is physics; I taught high school kids for 3 years; I lost my job and in turn my career because I was discriminated against based on my gender; I went through a divorce from hell then married a douchbag that bought a piece of crap motorhome for $500 for us to live in then he left me. So there I was jobless and alone with a crappy RV that was rotting from the inside out.

Instead of complaining I decided to take that RV and build a home out of it. First I tore out all the rotten crap and through the drugs stashed in the cupboards by the previous owner away. 

Then I tore the rotten roof off.

Then I tore out all the rotten crap in the walls.

When all the rot was gone I started rebuilding it from the inside out with discarded lumber I stole from the dumpster at my ex husbands construction site. 

I ripped out two of the crappy leaky windows and using scraps of aluminum from the roof to rivet the holes up.  Then I rebuilt the previously rotten walls. 

I had never built a roof before so I carefully studied how others had made tiny house roofs. I decided they're methods would be too heavy for my little motorhome so I ended up doing my own thing anyway. I used 1 by 4's, 1 by 2's, clamps and wood glue and screws  to frame it. Everything is glued, clamped and screwed together for added strength.

I didn't have anyone to help me put the plywood on. So, I had to figure out a way to lift it up and hold it in place by myself while I screwed it on. I used two clamps and pieces of 1 by 4s.

Then I bolted a tarp on because I had nothing else.

Then I went to Lowe's and got a credit card and was surprised they gave me such a high limit because I had no job and no money. I used the card to buy plywood, paneling, some moulding and a refrigerator (I gave the old POS to a homeless guy that recycles metal). 

I recycled pieces of the cabinets and some from another abandoned RV to make my own.  I especially love the Italian style dish drainer cabinet I made. 

I bought two used windows and a washtub sink from a place that sells old carp torn out of houses that are remodeled for almost nothing. 

After roughly rebuilding the walls I doubled their thickness and added extra insulation then installed the paneling and windows.

I stuffed the roof with fiberglass insulation then put the paneling sheets on the ceiling (now that I could have used a hand with... Ugh). Then I installed the cupboards.

That's about when I moved in for the first time because I had nowhere else to live. 

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