Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Will Grow From the Ashes of My Past?

I was feeling quite sad last night.... Sometimes in life there is just too much heartache.

It's not that I wanted to forget my past--I had so many happy memories.  I just want to forget that it was my past--only because it can no longer be my future.

I took my journals full of the pains and sorrows of my life and built a fire out of their pages. Once the sadness was burned up I put my happiest memories on the fire and carefully made sure all the pages were burned to dust.

I cried as I saw the flames consume the pages I had written over the most beautiful years of my life.  The tears pored down my cheeks like rain.

I will never forget those happy times I sent to heaven last night, but now I will hold them in my heart forever and never on paper again.

I only hope than something beautiful might grow from the ashes of my beautiful past.